About eatlifewell

Are you overwhelmed, and find it too difficult to start the journey or just plain don’t know where to start?

As a Masters Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, an expert in effecting health behavior change. Trained in positive psychology and motivational interviewing. Proven to improve energy levels, weight management, blood sugar control and chronic disease risk reduction.

I can work with your unique needs and the specific conditions you live in (age, life-stage, lifestyle, habits, preferences, health condition, budget etc). I will work with you to set Eat Life Well goals and work to exceed them. You can see my range of services on the services page. Even with something as simple as a pantry makeover service, I will be teaching some life-changing ways of incorporating healthy eating every day.

Face to face or online services are available. You can email me, message me, call me – we can set some time to chat about how it can work.

If you Eat Well and Live Well (and this is scientifically proven), anyone can activate their internal natural pharmacy and boost those happy hormones

In  Eat Well, there will be loads of good-for-you, tasty and simple Recipes, tested and tried for the hesitant chef. Updates on critical Nutritional News. And some time-tested Nutritional Therapy to support common ailments.

In Live Well, we will cover Exercise ideas for the normal, too busy and too lazy types – aka me. Lifestyle ideas such as Natural Home Remedies to replace toxic chemicals for our daily living or electronic detox for better sleep. And who doesn’t need some inspiration and community, to stay positive, handle stress, be mindful, to be present – with the right Attitude?